Sunday, February 5, 2012

Aladdin (1992) Review

I remember watching Aladdin when I was a little girl way back when. I never really liked it because Jafar was super scary to me. Of course, later on in my life, I got over my childhood fear and watched Aladdin, and enjoyed it. But as I grow older and watch the movies of my childhood, I see more and more things I missed from earlier watchings. I can honestly say, I appreciate Aladdin more now than I did when I was little, which is weird. It should be the other way around.

One reason I love Aladdin so much is because of the quaintness of the movie. I love that it's doesn't have a very big plot, or confusing stuff in it. It's very straightforward and easy to just watch and enjoy. I love Aladdin, he is an underdog that I love rooting for. Jasmine is beautiful and speaks her mind, making her a catch. The duo are perfect for each other, and the way they go about each other at first is very funny for some reason. Aladdin pretending to be a prince and thinking she wouldn't notice. Huh.

Also, one thing I love about most Disney movies is that the movie is based off something. The story comes from the book, Arabian Nights. It may be just a story, but it comes form that, it's not just made up. I loved looking up the movie and seeing what made the writers think of the story and what part of the movie relates to the book.

Mostly, Aladdin is part of my childhood and I love reliving it every time I watch it. It brings me back to being and child, as well as taking me into a magical world. I love forgetting what's going on in my life to hear about Aladdin and Genie and Jasmine.

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